Yearbooks and Cookbooks


Primary Schools are special places with long lasting memories for us all, but can you remember the names and faces of your class mates from that far off time?

We produce a very high quality, full colour A5 or A4 Yearbook with a gloss laminate cover and deliver your Yearbooks to your School.


We appreciate that Year 6 and 11 is a busy time for both, teachers and pupils. Our service takes the hard work away from the schools.

Supply your school with an Excel spreadsheet to complete. This form is completed with the children's answers to questions like “favourite school trip”. When you return the form to us you may also supply any photos you would like included.

Design the layout, incorporating school colours, logos and photos etc.

Produce a proof copy.

Print and deliver yearbooks to school.

Fundraising Cookbooks

Our Fundraising Cookbooks will combine cooking with making money for your school, team or club at the same time! They are the ultimate solution if you need to make some extra dough – excuse the pun! 

Not only will you be raising funds to buy equipment and supplies, but also you will be educating your pupils and their families about healthy eating in the process. 


Anyone who enjoys food, and who wants to support their local school or team will be sure to buy one of your school fundraising cookbooks. 


This means that you have a huge market to promote your school fundraising ideas product to, including friends and family members of students at school, local businesses, young and old, men and women. If you can arrange for a few sponsors the book will pay for itself and you will make 100% of the profits!!